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Net32 Dental Supplies
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Net32 Dental Supplies
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Net32 Dental Supplies
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Med32 Medical Supplies
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Waterproof shoe coversWaterproof shoe covers
Case of 3-dispenser boxes with 100 shoe covers per box.

3 at $50.61 Each = $151.83
Save $43.17, 22% off of the retail price of $195.00
Transpore Medical TapeTranspore Medical Tape
2" x 10 yards, Box of 6 rolls.

Save $6.94, 31% off of the retail price of $22.49
AMSure Foley Insertion TrayAMSure Foley Insertion Tray
Insertion/Prep tray with 10cc syringe of Sterile Water, Box of 20 trays

Save $4.90, 12% off of the retail price of $41.90
KimCare Air Freshener Dispense...
KimCare Air Freshener Dispenser - White , To be used with item #91075, 91073, 91072, 91069, Single dispenser.

Save $2.80, 29% off of the retail price of $9.75
Saniclenz Antimicrobial Skin CleanserSaniclenz Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser
2% CHG, non-toxic, 1 gallon bottle

4 at $31.25 Each = $125.00
Save $22.96, 16% off of the retail price of $147.96
SaniTyze Waterless Antimicrobial GelSaniTyze Waterless Antimicrobial Gel
18 oz. Pump Bottle

16 at $10.25 Each = $164.00
Save $83.84, 34% off of the retail price of $247.84
20 inch Cruiser III Wheelchair20 inch Cruiser III Wheelchair
Silver Vein Finish/Black Upholstery. Lightweight, Dual Axle

Save $98.20, 22% off of the retail price of $447.20
Birex SE WipesBirex SE Wipes
Phenol-based Disinfectant, Can of 240 pre-saturated 6 x 6.75 wipes

Save $6.64, 42% off of the retail price of $15.99
Lysol IC Quarternary Disinfectant CleanerLysol IC Quarternary Disinfectant Cleaner
case of 4 gallons concentrate

Save $46.25, 24% off of the retail price of $191.50
Purell APX Foam Dispensing Sys...
Purell APX Foam Dispensing System for 15 oz. Aerosol Cans.

Save $3.94, 46% off of the retail price of $8.49
NextStep Latex Gloves, Extra-SmallNextStep Latex Gloves, Extra-Small
Non-Sterile, Powder-Free, with Glycerol, Textured, Non-Chlorinated, box of 100

10 at $8.20 Each = $82.00
Save $47.90, 37% off of the retail price of $129.90
Lorvic Vapor Phase Rust InhibitorLorvic Vapor Phase Rust Inhibitor
Used During Autoclaving / Storage 10 oz Solution Bottle

Save $5.50, 18% off of the retail price of $29.75