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Ultra Sensitive FogFree Ultra Sensitive Earloop F
By  Crosstex

Ultra Sensitive FogFree Ultra Sensitive Earloop Face Mask - White Fluid

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  • 11/5/17
    By Integrative MD
    from Fairfield, IA
    profession Other Medical
    [Culture.ProductDetail.VerifiedBuyer]]Verified Buyer
    with Tradent Supply
    This face mask is the best-- free of toxins, odor, etc
    I'm an integrative medical doctor and strive to use and recommend only pure products for myself and my patients. This face mask is the best! Many face masks smell strongly of chemicals from the dyes, and other chemicals used in their manufacture. This mask is odorless, as well as more sturdy, yet just as easy to breathe with. I will never use any other mask, and I hope other companies will follow in producing masks that do not harm with their chemical fumes. When attempting to protect ourselves from particulates, allergens, infective agents and bodily fluids, we need to be mindful not to pollute our bodies with endocrine-disrupting, potentially carcinogenic chemicals with each breath we take. Enjoy this pure mask that delivers the protection it is supposed to, without the down side.
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    Was this review helpful to you?
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